As a roof cleaning contractor, Aquidneck Roof Cleaning (ARC) specializes in the professional cleaning and maintenance services of cedar shake roofs and cedar shake house siding in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Not all chemicals being used in the cedar roof or cedar shake siding cleaning industry are safe, or designed to be used in the cleaning and maintenance of cedar shake roofs or siding. Using the wrong type of solution can permanently damage the cedar shake shingle integrity, shortening the cedar shake shingles life expectancy. So ARC searched for a proven and safe cedar cleaning process and cleaning solution. At ARC, they utilize this effective proprietary cleaning process and solution that will not damage your cedar shakes.

ARC understands that cedar shake roofs are unique, and their installation, cleaning, and maintenance is unlike any other roofing material. If treated like an ordinary roof, the cedar shake roof shingle integrity can, and most likely will, become compromised, resulting in a shortened shingle life cycle and a possible early replacement.

Their 100% bio-degradable proprietary roof cleaning solution, coupled with their attention to detail, is what sets ARC apart from other roof cleaners. Their respect and professionalism, along with an effective proprietary cleaning solution and process designed specifically for cedar shakes, are key to their success at achieving complete customer satisfaction and a desirable end result.