Blue Jay Cedar Roof Cleaning

Blue Jay Cedar Roof Cleaning is the certified cedar cleaner in Pinehurst, NC.  If you have a cedar roof, you know that after a few years, it will start to show signs of weathering.  The darkened appearance of your roof is caused by algae and fungus, and should be removed in order to prevent damage to the cedar.  Wood roofs are a special kind of roofing material and require special treatment to keep it in tip top shape.

Cedar roofs are Blue Jay’s specialty.  Their trained technicians never use bleach and will never walk on your roof, both of which can easily damage your cedar shakes and shingles.  They only use a specially designed cedar cleaning solution and process.  This special process utilizes the non pressure cleaning method.  The pumps used are designed to apply the cleaning solution at around 60 psi (about the pressure of a simple garden hose) from ladders with the use of a pole system, ensuring no harm comes to the individual shakes and shingles.  In addition, the cleaning agents used are completely biodegradable.  For more information, contact us today at 910-691-1757.