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Cedar Roof Maintenance
Cedar Roof Maintenance

Many of the cedar roofs we are asked to inspect and clean show signs of neglect from lack of proper maintenance. One case in point is not keeping the valleys clean of debris. As I have said many times before, cedar on its own will not decay. It takes some form of moisture combind with different infestations to decay cedar. In the above photo example, this was a roof we cleaned in Omaha, Nebraska. As you can see in the photo the valleys were full of debris. Once we cleaned out the debris there was damage to the shakes and the underlining felt. The felt protects the roof and the shakes protect the felt. This section had to be replaced/repaired.

Proper cedar roof maintenance requires the yearly cleaning of the roof valleys which could be done at the same time your gutters are cleaned. Cedar shakes need to stay dry in order to function properly and to reach their full potential life span. Also it is important to keep all tree cover cut back from the cedar roof. Tree cover provides too much shade and moisture which doesn’t allow the cedar roof to breathe and stay dry. Also a cedar roof should have a cleaning every six to eight years, which is subjective. Yearly maintenance of your cedar roof will go along ways to extending the life span of your roof. This is just being pro-active and will save you from a premature roof replacement. So keep the valleys clean of debris, keep any tree cover cut back and have a routine cleaning schedule in place and your cedar roof will last decades.

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