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Bruce and Maria are the experts you need to clean your cedar roof and siding. The before and after difference is truly remarkable–my neighbors think we got a new roof! The prep work they’ve saved us before staining the house by cleaning the siding is significant. Also, the expertise they bring from years of hands-on experience with these type of materials is invaluable. We learned more from them than our inspector and roofer combined. It was a great value for a dramatic difference in curb appeal.

Maria Arnone, Camelback, Lawrence, KS

Cedar Shake roof cleaning. Amazing work done! Our roof looks brand new. Bruce is the nicest guy & very professional. We highly recommend his company to anyone in need of roof cleaning. We thought we would need to purchase a whole new roof and he cleaned ours and made it look new all in one day.  Amazing work done! Our roof looks brand new. Bruce is the nicest guy & very professional. We highly recommend his company to anyone in need of roof cleaning. We thought we would need to purchase a whole new roof and he cleaned ours and made it look as good as new all in one day! We couldn’t be happier with the results. Sullivan Roof Cleaning stands by their word and they really do GREAT work. Our roof looks great and you would never know they were there, quick, clean, and efficient!
Kalie Luczycki,  Des Moines, Iowa

Bruce and Maria of Sullivan Roof Cleaning are absolutely wonderful to work with and absolutely true to their word! Where others looked at our cedar shake mansard roof and proclaimed it beyond saving, Bruce and Maria saw possibility. The transformation of our dark depressing roof to a warm rich honey color was truly amazing. They also cleaned all of our siding and decks giving the whole house a fresh clean look.
Jacquelyn Dewdney, Runnells, Iowa

Most pleasant contractor/service experience cleaning our cedar shakes roof we’ve had since we moved into our house 4 years ago. Although we had seen the before and after pictures on the website, I wasn’t expecting the end result to be as amazing as it turned out. It’s like a new roof! Bruce and Maria were nothing but pleasant, courteous, and knowledgeable before, during, and after the service. They are very obviously proud of what they do and do it well. They showed attention to detail, cleaned up everything after they were done, and even ended up cleaning our garage at no extra charge. 10/10, will recommend your service to anyone and expect to do business with Sullivan Roof Cleaning again.

Stefan Hansen, Des Moines, Iowa

What a difference! Our cedar roof went from old to new. We are so pleased! The Sullivan’s are professional, have great results and added years of life to our roof and as an added bonus, increased the curb appeal of our home. Can’t say enough about this wonderful process.

Kathy Sims, KC, MO


The cedar roof on my home is about 15 years old. Over the last several years I’ve had maintenance completed to replace bad or missing shingles but I’ve been secretly waiting for a hailstorm so that I could just replace it. Since that won’t probably ever happen I was searching for ways to extend the life of a cedar shake roof and I ran across Bruce Sullivan’s website. I watched the videos, looked at the pictures, and then traded some emails with him asking questions. I am so happy I found him!

Bruce and his crew were very professional, they left no mess, and my roof looks nearly brand new again. I had a covered patio added last year that was built into my roof line so those shakes were still fairly new and stood out from the gray dingy look the rest of my roof had. Not anymore! Now the entire roof blends together.

I highly recommend Bruce Sullivan and Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning to anyone. I feel the price was a good value for the work they performed, but more importantly the results.  

I’m no longer hoping for a hail storm, my insurance deductible is more than the cost to clean my roof again and add years of life to it. I’ll see Bruce and his team 7 – 10 years from now when my roof needs it again.

Bruce Brown, Kansas City, Missouri



Simply Great! Punctual, easy to work with, explained the product and process then accomplished the job fast and efficiently. Honest and professional!!

Bruce Miller, Blue Spring, MO.

We are very happy with the results of Sullivan Roof Cleaning service as well as their professionalism. The pictures really show the difference!

Cari and Hamid Afshar, Vero Beach, FL.

Cedar Roof Cleaning, Vero Beach, FL

Sullivan Roofing is a professional roof cleaning company which delivers top quality work. Our roof looks new after the cleaning and that is not just our view but that of our neighbors and the HOA. Serious attention to detail and doing the job carefully and orderly indicated how committed the company is to assuring a first rate result. They arrived on schedule and when the work was completed the property was left in a clean condition. The roof work is showcase and the company clearly takes pride in its profession.

Lloyd F., Admiral Cove, Jupiter, FL

Cedar Roof Cleaning, Jupiter, FL