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We offer roof repairs

Over time, roof suffer damage from biologic elements and general wear and tear. Ignoring small issues can lead to much bigger and more expensive repairs in the long run.

We offer repairs where applicable. Most importantly, we do so without walking on your roof, preventing further damage. We provide honest communication of your issues, reliable work for your service, and a long track record of successful work (view our reviews section). Talk to us today about a free quote for your service.

About the Sullivan Process

The Sullivan method is a softwash process that does not allow the use of any pressure washers or any pressure greater than that of an ordinary garden hose in the cleaning process. All cleaning is done from the safety of the ground or a ladder, avoiding the need to physically walk on your roof, thus preserving its condition. The cleaning solution used has been specially formulated to remove damaging organic material without damaging the cedar. This solution is biodegradable and will not harm you, your family, pets, wildlife, or landscaping.

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Bruce Sullivan ServiceBruce Sullivan Service

What We Do


We clean and protect cedar shakes roofs from mold, algae, lichen, and other biological elements. We also remove dirt and grime to add life to your roof and make it look like new. Cedar shakes roofs require special care and consideration, we have the experience and knowledge to exceed your expectations with both.